Muse of Salvador Dali is already 88 years old. Watch as this gorgeous woman conquers hearts

Carmen Dell’Orefice is truly a fashion icon and inspiration. Her longevity in an industry as competitive and changing as fashion is truly impressive. She started her modeling career at a very young age and remained active until old age, which is quite rare in this field.

It is also worth noting his humility and determination in his early career, saving every penny and moving around on roller skates. Her story is a reminder that success doesn’t always come easily or quickly, but often comes through hard work and sacrifice.

Her work with Salvador Dali is also notable, as it speaks not only to her talent as a model, but also to her impact on art and culture at large. It is obvious that she had a huge influence in the fashion industry, and her legacy will certainly live on.

Her appearance at 88 is proof of her grace and elegance. She remains gorgeous and continues to embody luxury and beauty. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who aspires to a career in fashion, showing that success and longevity are possible with talent, dedication and determination.

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