She completely changes her grandmother’s wedding dress to wear it on a special day: she is criticized (+VIDEO)

This is a very subjective question and very much depends on each person’s values and priorities. For some, respecting traditions and preserving family history is paramount, and for these people, it would have been preferable for Brittany to keep the dress as is.

However, it’s also important to consider that Brittany chose to continue the tradition in a way that she felt was most relevant and meaningful. She found a way to be part of this tradition, while adding her own personal touch. Moreover, she respected the essence of the tradition, which is to wear the dress at an important moment in the wedding ceremony.

The dress, although having great sentimental and historical value, is also a garment that must be worn, and it is important that the person wearing it feels comfortable and beautiful in it. Brittany chose to alter the dress to suit her and reflect her personal style. It’s a decision that should be respected, especially considering that her grandmother, the dress’s first owner, was supportive of her decision.

Ultimately, the tradition of passing the dress down from generation to generation is not just about preserving an object, but also a way of sharing and celebrating a family bond. Brittany has maintained this bond, while bringing her own contribution to it, which is both beautiful and meaningful.

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