Why singer Mariah Carey is hiding her poor sister-relative

Mariah Carey, with her powerful voice and talent for songwriting, became one of the most famous and successful artists of all time. However, despite all this fame and success, she faced many challenges in her personal life, including strained relationships with her family.

The relationship between Mariah Carey and her older sister, Alison Carey, has often been in the limelight. Alison had issues with drug addiction, and it was reported that she worked as a prostitute. Over the years, Alison has made several attempts to reconnect with Mariah, but the singer has resisted, citing the toxicity of their relationship and the protection of her own children.

Mariah Carey has repeatedly said that she tried to help her sister by offering her money for drug treatment and supporting her financially. However, Alison allegedly refused Mariah’s help and instead used the money to buy drugs.

Additionally, Alison sold stories to media outlets about her relationship with Mariah which obviously damaged their family bond. In fact, Alison even filed a lawsuit against Mariah in 2021 over allegations made in Mariah’s memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey.” The lawsuit was later dismissed by the court.

It’s sad to see such discord in a family, but it’s important to remember that even celebrities are entitled to boundaries and privacy. This is especially true when it comes to the safety and well-being of their children. Mariah has clearly decided that keeping her distance from Alison is best for her and her children at this point.

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