A man has been digging a tunnel to nowhere for almost forty years: what he was looking for

The history of creating the most unusual tunnel in the world began in America at the beginning of the last century.

William Schmidt moved to the Mojave Desert. In it, he began to build his own tunnel.

The situation is paradoxical, since the tunnel did not lead to a specific place.

William carried out his first work at the foot of the mountains.

For thirty-eight years, he had been chiseling rocks with a pickaxe. The main engine and source of strength was incredible willpower.

Schmidt saved to the maximum. He did not buy clothes, but repaired holes in his shirt with burlap patches.

To make the boots last longer and not wear out, he reinforced them with elements cut from food cans.

The result was a tunnel with a total length of more than 1300 meters.

The work, which lasted 38 years, ended when William dug an exit from the opposite side of the mountain.

He removed his pickaxe, moved to another locality and never again came to his “brainchild”.

Today, many tourists come to the tunnel to see for themselves the work that occupied a huge part of William Schmidt’s life.

The entire journey through the underground passage, which took 38 years to build, takes about thirty minutes.

After exiting from the other side of the mountain, an incredibly beautiful view of the valley opens up.

The tunnel is located in the vicinity of the village of El Paso. William did not explain to anyone why he needed to build an underpass.

The unusual thing about this whole situation was that Schmidt himself never used his own tunnel.

Many locals considered him crazy, because there was absolutely no logic in laying the underground passage.

It looks strange to want to just work with a shovel, sledgehammer, pickaxe, and dynamite for almost four decades.

The tunnel was given the name Schmidt the Donkey as a sign of the perseverance and incredible willpower of its creator.

His titanic work left in history the name of the creator of the unusual tunnel.

Researchers have a long work to study the underground passage. After all, traces of gold can be found on every meter.

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