The children of this unique and beautiful couple are called “coffee with milk”: this is how they look

At first glance, such unions seem unusual, and for some, unacceptable.

Nikki and Jamie live in Australia, they met over 8 years ago. The photographer made an offer to his chosen one on the square of one of the cities in Australia, filming it on a video that later became famous.

The video, which was filmed by the guy, has gained more than 5 million views.

Many comments were written under the video, they asked to be notified about the development of events. Nikki began to actively blog on Instagram and YouTube, which gained popularity.

They got married, posting photos and videos from their wedding, which fans appreciated. Their ratings rose instantly, everyone wished them happiness and children, saying that they couldn’t wait to see their babies.

After the birth of their first child, the ratings of their channels skyrocketed.

The girl was just amazing. Subscribers did not stop being happy for them and praising the baby, they were constantly interested in health and asked to publish many events from her life.

The couple actively shared photos and videos from the life of the child. Their family budget has reached 200 thousand dollars a month thanks to subscribers.

At the moment they broke up, everyone thought that they would stop blogging. But they promised that no matter what, they would continue to share their life stories with fans.

We wish them happiness, and their wonderful kids a carefree childhood!

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