The story of modern “Robinson Crusoe”: the ex-millionaire has been living on a desert island for almost 30 years

David Glashin, an ex-millionaire from Sydney, now leads the life of a real Robinson on a desert island.

Rich businessman David Glashin had everything – millions, position, his own business, access to all the benefits of civilization.

But he voluntarily gave up all this.

Although still not entirely voluntary. In 1987, he was overtaken by the stock market crisis, due to which the fortune of the businessman greatly decreased.

The overlapping circumstances made the man seriously think about changing his lifestyle.

Then great love happened to him. He met a woman, who gave him the idea of downshifting.

Under the influence of his girlfriend, whom the man immediately named Friday, he took a long-term lease on a small uninhabited island off the coast of mainland Australia and went there with his soulmate, leaving business and an established life.

At the new place of residence, the ex-millionaire’s life at first did not develop very smoothly.

One of the most unpleasant events was the departure of Friday, who could not bear the hardships of life away from the benefits of civilization.

And David was left completely alone on the island. The company was made up of his faithful dog Quasi.

He has been living in splendid isolation for almost 30 years. This is not to say that David specifically avoids people.

Tourists and acquaintances sometimes visit him on the island, curiously studying his primitive everyday way of life, bringing gifts and news.

But the modern Robinson does not feel the need for a constant company. And he doesn’t want to go back to the mainland.

The former businessman built a house for himself from materials that were on the island with his own hands.

The only modern detail in it is solar panels brought by friends.

David feeds on fish and crabs, which he catches in the sea, as well as vegetables – he grows them in the beds behind the house.

He also learned how to brew a delicious foamy drink, which he treats guests with pleasure.

Sometimes the ex-millionaire admits that he misses communicating with people. But still, loneliness is closer to him. It allows you to feel the harmony of the world around you.

So that the voluntary hermit would not be so lonely, one of the guests brought him a mannequin. It seems to be a person nearby, but very quiet and not annoying.

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