The whole Internet laughed at them 11 years ago but now they have changed: look at the transformation

11 years ago, Irene and Alexander shared the good news with relatives and friends. They started a family.

Then the news about the outrageous marriage ceremony spread all over the Internet. And the newly-made spouses were prophesied a quick divorce.

To spite everyone, the couple managed to avoid the predicted fate.

Perhaps, even for representatives of youth subcultures, this couple looked very unusual.

A groom with long white dreadlocks and an appearance reminiscent of fantasy elves. For an important event, the guy chose a snow-white suit and boots that were too warm for that time.

And also the bride in a black dress and a shaved forehead, as if descended from paintings about the Middle Ages.

The wedding of the young people took place at a rock concert.

Some netizens tried to convict Irene and Alexander of deceit. They say, their marriage is fictitious.

However, the couple really married for love and even after 11 years is not going to divorce.

They grew up, built successful careers and had children.

Alexander really changed beyond recognition and completely transformed his image. The only thing left intact was his long hair.

Now the man works as a photographer and regularly publishes pictures of celebrities from various social evenings.

For some time, Irene also moved away from aggressive and intimidating images. They were replaced by femininity and tenderness.

However, the woman got tired of the “usual” appearance very quickly.

Now Irene is 37 years old, and she again returned to the outrageous style.

However, this did not affect the relationship with her husband. He still gives his support and attention, regardless of the appearance of the rebellious spouse.

“11 years ago we were predicted a quick divorce. Much has changed since then: we have two children, a busy life, but not without difficulties. I consider my husband to be my best friend. We are delighted with each other’s appearance. Yes, and we have one sense of humor for two,” writes Irene.

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