This guy decided to put together a small house for a homeless woman who slept in front of his house

Many people often encounter those who need help, including homeless people and those who sleep on the street.

However, not everyone is ready to take care of others. Therefore, people who benefit by doing good to the destitute should be especially noted.

One of them is Elvis Summers from Los Angeles.

He could not remain indifferent to the plight of 60-year-old Irene McGee, who has lived on the street for 10 years and collected plastic from garbage containers to feed herself.

She became homeless after losing her husband. She usually spent her nights on the sidewalk, not far from the house where Elvis Summers lives.

Having met Irene, the man learned her story and decided to help.

“When people sleep on the ground, it’s not right,” Summers said, and took action to change the life of a homeless person.

He invested $500 in board materials and set about building a space to give Irene a much-needed roof over her head.

With the help of a local commercial company, Elvis purchased the cladding and material needed for the roof.

Despite a modest financial investment, the man managed to build a shelter in a short time, using his knowledge and skills in carpentry.

As a result, he completed the construction of the house in just five days. Truly, this is a wonderful lesson in mercy and an example for others to follow.

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