Wife builds her husband a pub in the backyard after getting fed up with never seeing him while he was at their local

Nurse Jane Tupper from Devon has become a local celebrity and famous on the Internet thanks to her unusual house.

In the backyard, she organized a real mini-bar. But the 48-year-old woman opened this institution not to start her own business and make a profit, but to keep her husband at home, who likes to hang out with friends.

In general, Jane was pleased with her husband, Paul, who works as a police officer. The couple has been married for a long time and has three adult children aged 24, 26 and 30.

But when the offspring became independent, Paul had a lot of free time.

He spent it not with his wife, but with his friends. And Jane did not like this, because she had to be bored alone.

In addition, the woman was constantly worried, as if something had happened to her husband.

She solved the problem very gracefully. Instead of throwing up scandals and demanding that her husband give up his hobby, she equipped a pub right in the house so that Paul would not have to leave it.

So he will always be there. But at the same time, he will be able to spend his free time at his own discretion.

When Paul found out about Jane’s plans, he fully approved of them and undertook to actively help.

They decided to convert an ordinary barn into a bar. But first, a lot of time, effort, and money had to be spent on leveling and preparing the site for construction.

The preparatory work in the end cost 15 thousand pounds, and the construction of the structure itself – about 3 thousand pounds.

Jane named it “Doghouse”.

Through social media and sales, Jane collected pub equipment and furniture. She even managed to buy a rare slot machine – almost the same as the one installed in the city pub.

Now Jane is the real owner of the pub, where not only Paul and his friends hang out with pleasure, but also neighbors and acquaintances.

And the spouses are very pleased with each other. The husband is now always at home, and the wife fully shares his interests.

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