After 16 failed attempts to become a mother 48-year-old woman finally welcomed her “miracle baby”

Here is a happy married couple with a child. They are already aged, and it is hard to understand whether this is their child or their grandson. So, this is their child.

For more than fifteen years they had unsuccessfully tried to become parents, having spent a huge amount of money and were already really desperate and preparing for adoption.

The spouses Mark and Louise Warnford live in a small town in England. Mark did male sterilization while maintaining all functions after the birth of a child from another woman.

And then he met Louise and regretted his decision.

However, the lovers decided not to give up. Over and over again, Louise was transplanted with donor cells, but 15 attempts were not successful.

And only then Dr. Shehata was able to help them.

Louise became pregnant and later gave birth. She had Cesarean and at this stage the doctors were extremely worried about the life of the child.

However, this wonderful kid turned out to be a strong child and now pleases his parents, whose happiness has no end.

Louise decided to share her story to inspire all those women who are desperate to have children.

Her son William is almost 2 years old, and he is growing up to be a very bright and happy child.

Of course, no one encourages all ladies to give birth at such a late age. Rather, Louise just wanted to share her happiness – especially with those young women who are now trying in vain to get pregnant. Louise encourages them to believe in themselves.

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