Young 30-year-old man invited his 89-year-old neighbor to live with him for company in her final days

Probably, there are not many 30-year-old guys in the world whose best friends are 89-year-old old women. But that’s the whole point of Chris Salvatore and Norma Crook’s friendship.

Chris is an aspiring Hollywood actor. He first saw Norma when he moved into his new apartment in Los Angeles 4 years ago.

Norma lived next door and often waved to him from the window. One day, the guy decided to meet a nice old lady and came to visit her.

Norma offered him champagne, and the conversation began on its own.

The guy and the old woman immediately felt a special connection. Norma calls Chris the grandson she never had. And Chris never ceases to be surprised by his friend’s modern outlook on life, her cheerfulness and strong character.

The strange friendship of these two lasted for several years, until one day Norma was taken to the hospital.

After the doctors told the woman that she did not have long to live, Chris decided to spend as much time with Norma as possible.

Norma could no longer live alone, as she needed round-the-clock care. Without thinking twice, Chris offered the neighbor to move in with him.

“I had no other choice,” explains the guy. “Norma’s insurance didn’t cover a 24-hour caregiver, so they could have sent her to a hospice or nursing home.”

When Chris invited Norma to move in with him, she felt overjoyed. Now Norma lives with Chris along with her beloved cat.

Friends often take pictures together, drink champagne and eat delicacies prepared by Salvatore.

Chris himself says that their meeting with Norma is fate: “It gives meaning to my life, just helping her and being there.”

This touching friendship proves that age doesn’t matter at all. And the so-called gap between generations is just stereotypes.

“At first glance, it may seem that you can not have anything in common with someone who is 89 years old. But age doesn’t matter. It cannot become an obstacle to true friendship,” says Chris.

Well, the elderly woman was incredibly lucky to find a caring “grandson” in the young guy, and Chris’ deed really deserves respect.

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