Сouple who already had 5 children adopted seven more children who lost their parents in a car accident

Willis spouses always dreamed of a big family. Pam and Gary managed to fulfill their dream – the couple gave birth and raised five children.

The children grew up and parted, and the spouses, not accustomed to silence, became somehow uncomfortable in their large family house.

After some time, Pam and Gary decided that it would be great to adopt a baby from a shelter. But what happened next, the couple certainly did not expect.

Looking through the candidacy of babies for adoption, Pam suddenly stumbled upon a very sad story.

It was about seven children who lost both parents in a car accident. The children had no other relatives, and they ended up in a shelter.

It is unlikely that any family would decide to adopt so many children at once, so most likely the siblings would soon be separated.

And it is not known how their fate would have developed, but a happy accident intervened.

Pam told her husband about what had happened, and they decided that it was a sign of fate.

After all, in their house there would be enough space for all seven children!

Of course, the collection, and execution of documents took some time, and at first the family had a hard time. But the older children hurried to help their parents, and soon everything was fine.

Children from 4 to 15 years old found loving parents, and the Willis spouses again felt what it means to be a cheerful and happy large family.

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