The guy left the girl as soon as she washed off her makeup: now she shows everyone her real self

This pretty girl lives in London. Ann suffered all her life because of her imperfect skin.

“People have always looked at me with curiosity, and some even asked unpleasant questions about my problem,” the girl admits.

Ann found the solution by hiding behind a thick layer of makeup.

“Then the foundation became a real salvation for me.”

Soon, Ann met a young man who proposed to her.

“Once, I offered to spend the weekend at my parents’ house. Saturday evening was great: we listened to music, danced. I decided to wash off my makeup before going to bed, showing myself without embellishment. I was sure that James would not turn his back on me, because he constantly repeated that he loved me,” says Ann.

Seeing his beloved without makeup, James hastened to leave, finding a stupid reason.

“He promised to call, but it didn’t happen,” Ann says.

The upset girl posted her photo without makeup on the network, wanting to find support in the face of strangers. Many users responded and supported the girl, giving her a lot of nice compliments.

Today, Ann is a beauty blogger.

She helps young girls with care tips and experiments with cosmetics. Ann has forgotten about that history with James and is happy in a new relationship.

“Harry has seen me without makeup, he thinks I’m beautiful, despite the rash,” explains Ann.

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