6 children in 9 minutes: Texas woman sets a new record by giving birth to three sets of twins at once

March 17, a truly unusual event took place: a Texas woman gave birth to six babies in just a few minutes.

The birth took place in the morning, around five o’clock. Now the woman is a happy mother of two daughters and four sons.

Thelma Chiaka became a mother of many children, having given birth to six babies at once.

The woman could not even imagine that the joy of motherhood would be multiplied by six.

The children and their mother are doing quite well. To date, they are under the watchful eye of the medical staff of the maternity hospital.

Cases of the birth of six babies at once are very rare. The chance of this happening is 1 in 4.7 billion.

Thelma named her little daughters Zuriel and Zina. She does not yet say the names of her sons – there are many options.

She wants that she and her husband named the boys together.

The birth of sextuplets is rather an exception to all the rules. History recalls only one such case before.

For the first time, so many kids saw this huge world in 1983.

At that time, the expectant mother could not get pregnant. When the long-awaited miracle happened, she could not believe it: the ultrasound machine showed that as many as six babies would soon appear.

Mom had a Cesarean section. The sextuplets sisters grew up cheerfully with their loving parents.

It was very difficult for parents at first. Eleven thousand diapers were required for babies a year.

In addition, caring for daughters required a lot of effort. But today everything is fine.

The sisters are already adults, people who are well arranged in life.

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