Homeless father lives in a car with his ten years old daughter: the police decide to help

Because life is unexpected, there are moments when we are thrust into a string of difficulties that seem to go on forever.

But, there is always hope, even in the worst of circumstances. The experience of Mr. James Schweihard, a 41-year-old American single father who ended up living on the streets with his 10-year-old daughter, served as proof of this.

James was able to find a glimpse of hope and a better life despite the odds being stacked against him because of the generosity of strangers and the help of his community.

James and his daughter relocated to Colorado and lived in a van there after numerous unsuccessful attempts to find work and a place to live in Oklahoma.

Constable Butler arrived to conduct an investigation after his daughter’s teachers complained to the police about her living circumstances.

In spite of his initial concern that he might lose custody of his daughter, James unexpectedly received assistance from the police, who fixed his van without charge and let others know that they could help him find a new job and a place to live.

The response from the neighborhood was amazing, with practically every homeowner donating money, household goods, and emergency supplies to assist James and his daughter rebuild their lives.

James’ trust in mankind was restored by the generosity of strangers, who also provided him with the encouragement he needed to get back on his feet.

James was able to begin a new chapter in his life with the help of five job offers and a tiny house with reasonable rent.

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