Six years ago doctors performed an operation to separate Siamese twins: how the kids are feeling now

In 2016, in one of the clinics in America, twins, Erin and Abby, were born.

Parents should be happy, but not in this case.

Firstly, the girls were quite premature, born 10 weeks earlier, and secondly, their brains were fused together.

Doctors did not give any guarantees that everything would be fine with the girls.

But there were no bad forecasts either. The twins needed an operation to separate their brains and heads.

When the girls were 11 months old, the doctors still decided to operate on them.

Of course, this could lead to complications up to the point that one of the girls could simply not undergo the operation.

But the almost 10-hour operation was successful.

The girls tolerated both prolonged anesthesia and the operation itself well. Now the children are already 6 years old, they feel good.

As Dr. Gregory Hoyer himself, who led the operation, admitted, everyone was very scared at the time of the operation, because their patients were the smallest in the history of medicine, who were separated.

Now the girls are closely monitored by doctors led by Hoyer.

They are studying exactly how those parts of the twins’ brains that were fused at one time develop. Ahead of them are several more operations to restore the bones of the skull.

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