At 88 years old, Sophia Loren feels young and follows five life lessons

Sophia Loren, the legendary film icon, has enchanted the world with her timeless talent and beauty.

With five Golden Globe awards to her name, she has left a profound mark on the entertainment industry.

Despite her 88 years, Loren still radiates a youthful and vital spirit. Her first lesson is the importance of inner happiness and self-esteem.

Looking in the mirror, she seeks confirmation from within herself, not from the outside. She considers it essential to feel good about oneself and self-assured.

Maintaining close ties with family and grandchildren is another fundamental element in her recipe for a fulfilling life.

Even though she lives in Switzerland and her family elsewhere, she uses technology to stay connected with her loved ones.

Loren teaches to savor the small joys of life and to reject negativity. She embraces natural aging, refusing to conform to societal expectations.

After the loss of her husband, Loren has learned to accept the inevitable realities of life. Her passion for acting is the secret to feeling young, regardless of age.

Her positive spirit, focus on inner happiness, and dedication to her art are the key ingredients of her enduring success and the youthful spirit that distinguishes her.

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